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Richter’s Map

October 13th, 2011

Yes, I believe that Digital Humanities would definitely fit in Richter’s Map of literary theory.  It is written that literary work should be formed to please his audience as stated in his second theory.  This can certainly be accomplished by tweeting and discovering what his readers would like and appreciate.  NGram would be most helpful in the first theory where he focuses on the relationship between the outside world and the work of art.  By looking up a word and its synonym on NGram the artist would be able to use words that were popular in the world at the time and use a theme that was popular with the readers.  The fourth theory that he writes about could be accomplished with Wordle.  By playing down the art with the exterior world and the audience, the poet or author could put his important words into a wordle and create art in the form of a word cloud. The wordle would aid in analyzing its themes and concentrate on each section of the poem or story.  The third theory which emphasizes the relationship between the work of art and the artist could be accomplished with Digital Humanities by writing things in a blog.  The author or poet could express his own feelings and thoughts to create a work of art.


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