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December 19th, 2011

Dear Reader,

This website is an analysis of Dalyrimple Goes Wrong by F. Scott Fitzgerald.  Throughout this website you will discover collaboration of deep thought provoking views based on the New Critic’s literary theories.  Over the course of one semester I worked on many literary theories and used technological devices on the computer to create a blog website which helped advance the process of analyzing Dalyrimple Goes Wrong.  Eng170W taken at CUNY Queens College taught by Prof. Ferguson showed us an absolutely great way to take a story that could possibly be dull and dry and turn it into a whole different world of interesting views and themes which are hidden within the text.

The process that I took to create my blog in Dalyrimple Goes Wrong was done throughout this semester.  It was at times, very time consuming, but interesting, fascinating and rewarding.  We had many learning goals and with these goals we were able to incorporate them into our personal blogs.  Since much of the work in this class emphasized the use of the computer and the technological devices that a computer performs we were introduced to many new programs within our computer.  Wordle, N-gram viewer and hovering are just a few examples of how the computer was a great resource that enabled us to look beyond and within the text to get a true meaning and breakdown of a story.  That is the process that I used to get the true meaning of Dalyrimple Goes Wrong.

This class has strengthened my understanding of the written word and the different techniques used to interpret and understand a text.  Over the course of this semester I was exposed to many literary theories such as the New Critic, Freud’s dream analysis and studies of a myth.  The one that I particularly felt was the most useful and educational was the New Criticism.  It taught me how to actually break down the text, read each word, look for its hidden meaning and interpret the story on my own.  I did not try to guess what the author felt about the story but instead concentrated on my interpretation of both the story line and the characters in the story.  Another strength that I gained from this class was detecting literary devices such as alliteration, similes, hyperboles and pleonasms, just to mention a few.

The hardest part of this class was acquainting myself with the use of the technological devices that we had to perform on the computer.  When the term began I had no clue as to what was expected of me.  At our first class meeting when I was told to set up a blog, I was completely clueless since I must admit I am somewhat computer illiterate.  When Wordle and N-gram was assigned, I actually panicked and worse of all was hovering.  But, with time, patience and Prof. Ferguson’s understanding and helpful directions I was able to overcome my insecurity and struggles with the digital world and technology.

Now that you have read my letter, I hope when you browse my website you will realize and understand how much work and thought went into my study of Dalyrimple Goes Wrong by F. Scott Fitzgerald.  It was a long journey but I thoroughly enjoyed every step of the way.  I learned so much from it.  I hope that you will learn from me and take from it an understanding of this wonderful story.

Thank you very much.

Morgan Levine

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  1. December 22nd, 2011 at 20:51 | #1

    Great website! This sounds like a really strange story–a hero turned criminal turned senator?! As you mentioned in your conference presentation, part of the difficulty is also that this was written at a very different time, so modern readers would need to take that into consideration, and pay attention to the historical context you give.

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