December 19th, 2011

BRYAN DALYRIMPLE—Young man returning from World War I.  He faces hard times.


THERON G. MACY—Dalyrimple’s employer who owns the largest wholesale grocery business in town.


CHARLEY MOORE—Dalyrimple’s co-worker who instructs him on the rules of his employer.  Moore has been working at the company for four years and is cynical about the job.


SECURITY GUARD—Employee at Dalyrimple’s job who reprimands him for smoking on the premises and threatens to tell Mr. Macy.


MR. HESSE—Bookkeeper at Macy’s company.


MAN ON THE STREET—Dalyrimple robbed and took money from.


MR. ALFRED J. FRASER—Brother of Senator Fraser, and his son-in-law is Congressman Demming.  He is most influential in the town and invites Dalyrimple to become State Senator.  He is good friends with Theron G. Macy, Dalyrimple’s employer.


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